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Introduction to the wildlife of the UK  

Britain has an incredible selection of animals that have evolved to cope with our mild damp climate, producing many animals that struggle to live anywhere else in the world. Because we are an island, this keeps our summers warm and wet and our winters generally mild and well… wet. This consistent lack of extremes provides an excellent footing for wide varieties of animals that know that they can bank on food being available virtually all year round.

This does however put us at an advantage in one sense but also at a disadvantage. Much like the rail system, if extremes do occur then they cause serious problems because the ecosystems are not designed to deal with them. Due to climate change we are experiencing a far greater number of extremes which is shifting the nature of our islands animal life.

Foreign species are able to thrive, taking over from native wildlife and forcing them into the margins, new pests have emerged and are able to spread to parts where they were previously unable to reach.

In this section we will focus on a wide range of animals but particularly on those creatures that are under threat because of mans intervention into the environment.

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