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Dolphins in huge numbers in Pembrokeshire   - Sunday, August 14, 2005


Thousands of dolphins in a super-pod have been spotted off the Pembrokeshire coast this weekend. Whilst a series of news sources have reported this as an extremely unusual event, in reality there are often large gatherings of these small cetaceans off the West-Wales coastline, although possibly not always in such large numbers.

At this time of year when the water is at its warmest there are often gatherings of common dolphin with groups of a 1000 or so seen. One of the theories behind these gatherings is that a concentration of food builds up which means that dolphins donít have to forage over as wide an area to feed themselves, thus enabling the usually seperate groups of dolphins to join up to travel and socialise together.

Because records are patchy it is not known how long such groups have been coming to the Pembrokeshire area, but while they are here itís worth enjoying them.

If you fancy a trip to see the cetaceans in Pembrokeshire then visit http://www.thousandislands.co.uk/ or read our review of one of their visits.