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From: Exmouth
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The Kestrel

The Kestrel

The Kestrel sits quietly on the post of a fence
And patiently waits for his prey
As I stand and look on
He is instantly gone
After his catch of the day

He has spotted a mouse and gets into position
Soon he will make a sharp dive
Hell hover above
And with out any love
Will swoop down and take it alive

I admire this Falcon. Hes shrewd and hes clever
Hes no match with his hover and pause
Hes quick, and hes fast
His dive does not last
As he takes up his prey with his claws

All though hes not huge his wingspan is wide
And his tail like a fan he will spread
He is one of a kind
So accurate youll find
Hes the best it just has to be said

A true friend is the best possession


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